MA end of Ist Semester exhibition – The Wall !

Really enjoyed the process of the first hang of our group show for the end of the first semester BUT…

I found myself trying to imagine the conversation at the  property development/ operations type meeting and think it must have gone something like this:,…. right now to plan the walls for The Gallery, I repeat GALLERY, what shall we make the walls out of?…. I know lets make them out of a substance that we can’t knock nails in  or screw into and create really obvious dark vertical lines all the way along it. Yes, that sounds like a very good idea because they won’t possibly want to hang anything in a GALLERY will they !!!

Now it would appear that it is part of our practice to think of ways to overcome such great planning …. I understand the principle of working around the problems that any site brings but when you have the option of planning a space from the beginning would you?!!




Hence the very awkward vertical lines all the way along the wall that plays really awkwardly with the work hung along it. (which happens to be mine) Next time I need to give consideration to how my work can better fit in with the wall but still not be able to hang anything on it, challenging times ahead.


Dawn Harris



Sue Cridland



Deb Catesby




David Ingleton




Congtratulations all a good show