Curating Curiosity, Ragley Gallery and Studios

A screeching black bursts from a pool of throbbing blue, hurling me in every direction.
I land in a vast expanse of white that sucks me in and breathes me out; a form that engulfs my own; my breath is no longer my own.
I writhe, fold and struggle.
I push closer to that compelling green
Alluring and imaginary…

Extract from A Story of Painting by Becca Harris

To celebrate the opening of the new gallery and studios, there’s an exhibition on until May 19 entitled Curating Curiosity, featuring work by Ragley’s Artist in Residence Dawn Harris and 12 other artists selected to be in the exhibition through an Open Call.

Artists include Stuart Layton (video), Karen Gazey (projection), Tor Hilyard (print), Zarina Keyani and Carolyn Morris and our own Studio Artist Deb Catesby (paintings). There are also works by the sculptors George Wagstaffe and Brian Cook. Exhibition texts have been provided by Becca Harris (edited by Denise Startin, Studio Artist).

For more information and about the artists and their works click: Curating Curosity