Life Drawing


These sessions are informal and aimed at new and experienced artists who want to draw or paint an experienced model in a peaceful and professional environment. The workshop will take place at the Ragley Gallery and Studios located in the beautiful Grade 1 listed stable yard at Ragley Hall. A past participant Vicky said “Ragley is something special bringing out a joyous feeling, the desire to celebrate and make something that marks that. The walk, the drawing, sitting in the sun drinking coffee, I really appreciated just the mindfulness of the place and time.”

All sessions run from 6.30pm – 9.00pm


Collograph, Printing


Image: Tor Hildyard  ‘Head II’

Learn how to make your own unique prints from plates created from mount card, then drawn incised with lines and collaged with an exciting textured printing surface. Our experienced tutor will show you how to prepare your paper and how to ink up and wipe your plates ready for printing.

Eye Openers

Eye Openers: a series of art appreciation workshops led by experienced teacher and practitioner Sue Lewis-Blake.

Suitable for anyone over the age of 16 these entertaining evenings combine illustrated talks with engaging activities: gain background information that could enhance your enjoyment of visits to galleries, museums and stately homes; support your interest in practical art with a deeper understanding of artistic styles; quickly learn how to analyse paintings, sculpture and architecture; inform your personal opinions and be inspired.

No former knowledge needed.

  1. Learn to look at Architecture
  • Explore the terminology used to describe architectural features.
  • See how these same features appear and reappear across the centuries to create recognisable styles.
  • Enjoy using your newly found knowledge immediately by analysing aspects of the architecture at Ragley Hall and discussing other significant examples.

2. Learn to look at Abstract Art.

  • Explore the origins of abstract painting and sculpture at the start of the 20th
  • See how these ideas led to the creation of a wide range of new styles from partially abstract images to non-objective art.
  • Enjoy using your newly found knowledge immediately by confidently discussing works from the period 1900-1950.
  1. Learn to look at Contemporary Art.
  • Explore some of the new ideas that have emerged in art since 1980 and the origins of these.
  • See how a selection of artists have used newly available media and broadened the context of art for modern audiences.
  • Enjoy using your newly found knowledge immediately with confident critiques of controversial examples by artists such as Damien Hirst, Tracey Emin and the Chapman Brothers.

Chinese Brush


There is more to Chinese painting than meets the eye. Of course, the picture itself can be easily read, but unless its inner and symbolic meanings are recognised the whole painting is only partially seen and partially enjoyed. Underlying the apparent simplicity and harmony of composition, first of all there is a philosophy; one that sees a unifying pattern of life in all its natural forms. The artist must express both the spirit of vitality and renewal and the eternal harmony and order present in nature. Therefore the painter finds in every natural form, no matter how humble, a sense of greatness and purpose.

Sketch and Stitch

Sketch and Stitch

Sketch and Stitch

Through careful observation of colours, forms and patterns in the landscape you will learn to develop your own personal response to the environment around you. The beautiful grounds at Ragley Hall will inspire you in your quest to record, experiment and produce exciting art. We will begin by looking at art history to see how other artists interpreted the landscape. Our Studio Artist Michala Gyetvai will show you her textile landscapes and the philosophy behind them.This is a day of experimentation using the information from your sketch book and introducing textiles. Continuing to develop ideas in your sketch book we will incorporate fabrics, threads, fibres, needle felting and hand stitching. The emphasis will be on developing your own individual ideas through the freedom of playing with materials.
You may wish to continue in your sketch book or to work on larger individual pieces.

Students are asked to bring: Basic sewing kit, needles and scissors, A4 sketch book. All other materials will be provided.


Pen and Ink



Pen and ink is a wonderful way to create quick sketches or more detailed drawings. The assortment of nibs and pens allows the artist to make expressive and exciting marks, patterns, texture and variations of line. Free yourself up and become more spontaneous when drawing quick sketches from life or landscape. In this one day course, students will be able to work with dip pens, ink pens, sticks and biro. They will be shown how to create tone and will be able to experiment with different ways to make marks and lines. Getting inspiration from objects that can be found at Ragley Studios or from their own found images students by the end of the day should have built up a good collection of drawings in their sketchbook. Weather permitting we may prefer to venture out and sketch from the beautiful landscape that surrounds the studios. This workshop is Tutored by Tor Hildyard, a prize winning printmaker who lives and works near Evesham.

Students are asked to bring: A6 or A5 sketchbook, Watercolours (if you have them), Images to work from. Please book early to avoid disappointment as numbers for this course are limited.


Pen and Ink Workshop

Pen and Ink Workshop


Drawing from Photographs

Drawing portraits Tanya March


Would you like to draw beautiful portraits of people- perhaps a family member or a loved one?

For the beginner, drawing the human face may seem complex and daunting, but it needn’t be. This workshop aims to build confidence by teaching the beginner how to draw the human face     through the careful and close observation of their own chosen photographs, and how to capture likeness, expression and character, as well as the illusion of three dimensional forms.

Our tutor is a professional artist, portrait painter and illustrator who lives and works in Malvern, Worcestershire. Specialising in oil painting and pastel/pencil drawing and will introduce you  to a variety of drawing techniques from which to develop your own individual skills.

Students are asked to bring: Any specific drawing materials they wish to use.  Otherwise, all other materials will be provided.


Drawing Portraits

Drawing Portraits Tanya March

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