To Love and Protect 2012

To Love and protect, Solo Show Coughton Court, Warwickshire, 2012.

This body of work was created in support of the Artist Residency at Coughton Court, complimenting the 2012 theme the ‘Women of Coughton’. During the 6 month residency Dawn investigated how the women of Coughton Court had influenced the history of the estate, the untold stories of the women of Coughton Court. For more details of the residency project please see Events and Exhibitions. After the residency Dawn was delighted to be asked to be the Honorary  Director of Art at Coughton in partnership with the Nation Trust.

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To Love and Protect

24th November – 2nd December 2012

‘To Love and Protect’ explores the identity of the women of the Court through the legacy they left behind. Dawn’s work investigates their identities in relation to others, in relation to a performed role and in relation to the period of historywithin which they lived.

The face, specifically the eyes are central in these works, the faces are taken directly from their portraits hung within the house and stripped of the adorning paraphernalia chosen by the portrait artist. The faces are then embedded with the experience culminating in a visual representation of the women’s identity within that moment.  The exhibition represents Dawn’s artistic response to some of the stories of the women of Coughton who fought for the freedom and safety of their loved ones, the work is also an empathetic response from an artist who shares an understanding of the desire to want to Love and Protect as is present within us all.


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