I Think This World is Magical

Over and Above

Over and Above 800mm x 1200mm Oil on board.

Inspiration was gained from a passage by Patrick Heron ”I think this world is magical. Colour, form, space, relationships ‒ these elevate life. They energise. They elevate my whole consciousness…I think art heightens the potential of the actual’. Each of the artists choosing to concentrate on one or more of colour, form, space or relationships.

As with most of my works,this turned into a do or die moment, once I’d finally started I couldn’t stop.

I think it’s an interesting insight for me into how artists scrutinise  a title or theme to be able to position it into their own interests. I really didn’t want to work on a project to do with colour, the theme offered no initial inspiration or interest to me. I had to look hard to feel comfortable in appropriating the word ‘relationship’ from the brief, into my practice. My thoughts then became focused on on the relationship between yellow and blue and the need for the physical interaction between both to make green.



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